Software Design and Development

Software solutions are backbone of the entire group. This includes business interfaces for our revolutionary lifestyle changing solutions like Home Automation, Pre-paid Electricity Metering etc. to solutions for business automation for companies belonging to our group. Also, we develop software solutions for our esteemed clients who need specific solutions to automate and manage their business. We use varied industry standard technology and platforms / frameworks for delivery of our solutions as per business requirement.

Platforms: Embedded, Android, Mac iOS, Java, Windows, Web
Frameworks: MiWi, Flex, various Java frameworks, dotNet
App Servers: Glassfish, IIS + dotNet
Databases: SqlServer, Oracle, Mysql
And many more


AMR (Automatic Metering) Home Automation Centralised Automated Fire Monitoring and Alarm
Community Visitor Management Stock Maintenance And Verification Automated School Announcement
Annual Employee Appraisal And Many More...

AMR (Automatic Metering)

The purpose of this system is to accumulate electricity consumption feed from our PPMG (Pre-Paid Metering Grid) and provide logical metering operations, human controllable interface and business information to our PPMS (Pre-Paid Electricity Metering Solution).

  1) Display of reading accumulation.
  2) Display of consumed pulses from Main Supply and/or CGB (Community Generator Backup) per residential/commercial unit.
  3) Auto and manual Cut-Off and Re-Store.
  4) Low Balance visibility at glance.
  5) Custom periodic deductions under configurable heads.
  6) Multi-slab definition for electricity charges.
  7) Separation of Main Supply and CGB charges.
  8) Billing cycle definition.
  9) Coupon based balance recharge.
10) IVR and SMS for low balance intimation and balance recharge.
11) E-mail notification for low balance.
12) Electricity consumption auditing.
13) PPMG Health check.
14) Robust reporting.
15) Easy configuration.

This solution abolishes manual calculation of charges and balance recharge which is prone to errors. Itís easy to use human interface provides required information at a glance for easy metering operation and maintenance. Due to its simplified billing, consumers can get their consumption details with levied charges transparently.

amr amr amr


Home Automation

Home Automation pertains to auto controlling of home devices and their services, taking into account your mood and your movement in house. This is like interacting with your home as a whole as one interacts with a single device at a time. In nutshell, this system presents you, your home as a device providing security, lighting, cooling, heating, audio, video etc. services tailored as per your mood and need. To make you able to communicate with your home, this software has been developed which provides an easy interface hiding the complexity of the working of proprietary high end device communication modules.

  1) Custom specification of home devices to be controlled.
  2) Use of on-spot real image for interaction.
  3) Panoramic view ability of house interior.
  4) On-Off with intensity control of lighting.
  5) Mood creation and selection.
  6) Mode selection for control specification and operation.
  7) Integration of home security alarms.
  8) One touch action.
  9) Layered App deployment.
10) Operated from Android, MAC iOS and JAVA ME mobile phones and tablets in addition to your favourite notebook.

This software frees you from steep learning curve of operation due to its easy to use interface. Even a child can operate it to optimum accuracy. Original images of house interior can be used for device specification and operation which breeds and maximizes familiarity with operations of this system. Due to portability on todayís any standard smart device in addition to your favourite notebook, you are not concerned or bound with any certain type of operational constraint.

amr amr amr


Centralised Automated Fire Monitoring and Alarm

In todayís environment safety and security from hazards is of much concern. Of these, a major concern is on outbreak of fire and timely response to curtail it. There exist alarm systems which trigger flashing lights and hooters in event of fire but there is a lack of automated and effective centralised monitoring. To cater this need we have developed this software that interacts with existing fire alarm systems located at diverse and multiple locations while running at a central location.

  1) Centralised monitoring.
  2) Multi-location connectivity.
  3) Real time alarm status.
  4) Different colours for different alarm status.
  5) At-a-glance visibility of alarms from different locations.
  6) Pin pointing of point of fire breakout at a location.
  7) Log of alarm status on status change basis.
  8) Indications for connectivity break from particular location.
  9) Easy configuration.
10) Easy operation.

This software fills the gap between fire monitoring and active centralised fire monitoring. Due to its multi-location real time at-a-glance visibility, enablement of actions to curtail fire breakout can be instantaneous.

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Community Visitor Management

In todayís community living, flux of visitors is difficult to maintain through pen and paper system. And in case of mishap it is difficult to trace the culprit(s). To fulfil the necessity to manage and track the visitors in a community effectively, this software has been developed. It can not only track the ingress and egress of visitors but also provide audit at a glance.

  1) Classification of different kinds of visitors.
  2) Different ingress and egress policy for different class of visitors.
  3) At-a-glance audit of visitor movement.
  4) Integrated with IP video camera.
  5) Option to choose smart card or photo barcode card for visitors like milkman, maid etc.
  6) Configurable auto-lapse of card as per defined day range.
  7) Configurable valid time duration for stay in community premises.
  8) Alert for visitor over staying in community premises.
  9) Comprehensive reporting.
10) Visitor audit report.
11) Single window interface for gate module.
12) Full scale operation, configuration and reporting at control room module.

Tracking of visitors becomes very secure with this software. This eliminates cumbersome pen and paper system that is prone to security lapse. It makes operation so easy that non-computer savvy guards can operate it with ease with a very minimal training.

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Stock Maintenance And Verification

For any organization involved in transition of goods; management of goods plays an important part in business. Manually doing this task is tedious and prone to errors and hence, automated process for this is a necessity. To provide automation to Stock Management and Verification process this software has been designed.

  1) Full cycle stock management.
  2) Stock audit.
  3) Streamlining of purchase with work orders received.
  4) Streamlining of delivery with on-going projects.
  5) Comprehensive tracking of goods movement.
  6) Separation of in-delivery and billing addresses.
  7) Classification of goods as primary and consumables, based on project.
  8) Categorised definition of goods.
  9) Multi-unit operations for each goods.
10) Extensive MIS reporting.

This software streamlines stock flow which provides positive impact on organisationsí cash flow. It makes organization realise its stock in real time and control transaction of goods. Discrepancy in purchase and delivery ratio becomes negligible. And wastage gets tracked in real time.


Automated School Announcement

It has been observed that schools are still following the age old tradition of announcements. For period change notification the peon rings the bell and for event and other notification, either teacher is briefed who in turn announce in the class or head master himself moves from class to class and announces. So, this software was developed to centralise and automate this operation.

1) Custom definition of periods.
2) Custom definition of announcements for period change.
3) Announcement planning and scheduling.
4) Ad-hoc announcements.
5) Soft music or any other music of choice to be played at custom defined timeframe.

This software frees school staff from wasting time on announcements so that they can focus on productive work. Also, schools can do away with boring style of announcement and provide a more dynamic and lively announcements.


Annual Employee Appraisal

For every organization employees are asset. Re-evaluation of them annually is an exercise that makes organization to use this asset effectively. The process of this evaluation if done manually is prone to not only errors but even of favouritism. So, to eliminate this drawback of manual process, this automated system has been designed.

1) Web based interface.
2) Separation of information among roles like HR, Manager, Employee.
3) Manager can evaluate only his reporting employees.
4) HR configurable timeframe based access control.
5) Rating by self, manager and HR.
6) Robust HR reporting.

This system shows the management in comprehensive way the performance and aspirations of the employees. On basis of this information management can not only change the remuneration but also responsibilities of employees so that there potential can be used fully towards growth of business. Employees will have full confidentiality that information provided by them would only be displayed to the right authority and will feel comfortable in using this system.