Integrated BMS Solutions

Fire Alarm System

We offer a range of automatic fire alarms and detectors, special detectors and peripherals for fire prevention, warning and building evacuation. The latest products include new multi-sensor detectors that continually search for fire-specific patterns to prevent false alarms and needless disruption to business.

Access Control cum Attendance System

RADIUS provides high quality Access Control Systems for Management & control of the staff and visitors to the building, monitoring entry and exit timings and attendance record of the employees etc. which in turn help in automating the preparation of salary.

CCTV system

We work on IP Camera, Speed Dome and C-mount Camera, bullet camera systems, hi-resolution camera systems, 4 Camera DVR kit, 8 camera DVR kit, Computer based systems, DVR based systems and other security surveillance systems too .

Technically, in CCTV we use video cameras to transmit signals to a specific place, on a limited set of monitors that are being placed in the control room. Through this technique we can keep an eye to each place of our belonging area.

According to a survey this has been found that:

  • Surveillance systems were most effective in parking lots, where their use resulted in a 51% decrease in crime;
  • Public transportation areas saw a 23% decrease in crimes;
  • Systems in public settings were the least effective, with just a 7% decrease in crimes overall.

We work on IP Camera, Speed Dome and C-mount Camera, bullet camera systems, hi-resolution camera systems integratedwith different DVR based systems toprovide recording for possibly many years, with a variety of quality and performance options and extra features .

Boom Barrier

It is a bar, or pole pivoted in such a way as to allow the boom to block vehicular access through a controlled point. Boom gates are typically found at level crossing, parking facilities, checkpoints and entrances to restricted areas. Some boom gates are automatic and powered, some are manually operated.

This can be considered as first or initial level of security as boom barrier is used at the gate (entry/exit point) of any commercial and residential erection to prohibit all unwanted entrance.

Here, we offer you Automatic and manual boom barrier both whatever is desired by the client according to their need. One reader and controller are two additional devices which are being used for automatic boom barrier.

Video Door Phone

Video Door Phone is the device that enables you to see and speak to your visitors, before granting them access to the sanctity of your home. This security device offers amazingly effective security and convenience.

This is the highest level of security to avoid illegal and unauthenticated entry into your personal premise.