Electrical Substations

Radius provides you Single Point Solution for Internal & External Electrification. Our well qualified team of engineers executes the project right from the liasioning, designing, engineering, execution, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance even after the completion of the projects.

A complex, whether residential or commercial, is structurally and legally, an entity where electric power accessed/taken/billed at Single Point at 11KV/ 33 KV. Subsequently, it sub distributes power to individual flat/shop/villas. The problem faced by management is to collect the cost of power consumption from the individual/sub-consumer. The nub of the problem lies in the fact that the management is really not in ‘TOTAL Control’ when it comes to the timely payment of the bills by the individual consumers. Often, the management itself cannot be absolved from the blame entirely: The preparation of the bill and, subsequently, its distribution and collection, often consumes a lot of time. Add to this the inherent complexities implicit in the matrix of dual billing – one for normal power and the other for D.G. Power – both being billed at different rates. This dynamic being obviously far from perfect, it is little surprise that on-time payment is a utopian situation – one that finds its presence only on paper.

ESS has expertise on complete electrical solution & services comprising:

  1. Transformer

  2. HT and LT Panels

  3. D.G. Sets

  4. U.P.S. System